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Honda Civic has had a long, storied run between its debut in 1972 and today. It was a subcompact car from 1972 to 2000, and it's been a compact car ever since -- here, a coupe and hatchback, and there, a sedan.

The coupe debuted in 1993 to become an instant hit among first-time car buyers and beloved of long-time Honda brand enthusiasts alike. It was safe and reliable, yet engaging and fun to drive. By 2005 and an eighth Honda Civic generation, the platform would diverge, and the same year, a high-performance variant would be offered that would upend the world of sports cars: Honda Civic Si. The tenth generation ran from 2015 to 2020, with Edmunds calling it, at one point, "outstanding" among small cars. It's still going strong today.

The hatchback started out as a three-door but became a five-door in 1977. It transformed again from 2000 on, across eleven generations. It was one fast, fun-to-drive compact car -- a great vehicle you can't go wrong with, a hot hatch at once exceptionally reliable, and with better and more enjoyable handling than a lot of other small cars out there. Honda even based a 2012 World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) racer on its ninth generation -- a design that would go on to win the 2013 Manufacturers' World Championship.

The sedan, however, came out in 1980, during the car's second generation, and it took off in 1984, just as a third generation was kicking off. Many trims have come out over the years, with names like CX and DX, EX and EXR. There'd be a 1992 redesign, followed by a 1996 style update, but by its eighth generation, it would become a unique platform. 2015 and a tenth generation brought high-performance variants, among them, the legendary Type R, and the sedan line is still popular now.

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