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Honda vehicles have air filters for their engines and HVAC systems. They're made of either pleated synthetic paper, foam, cotton, or metal media, and either flat, circular, or cylindrical.

Engine air filters capture dirt, dust, and particulate, keeping them from accumulating in engine parts like the air intake. Cabin air filters trap pollen and other airborne allergens, keeping them from building up in the heating and air conditioning systems. If pollutants got into those systems, they'd wear out their parts fast.

Unfortunately, no air filter lasts forever. Eventually, they clog, and that causes even more trouble. An obstructed engine air filter causes engine misfires and leads to increased emissions and lower gas mileage. A blocked cabin air filter chokes airflow through your heater and air conditioner and leads to interior temperature problems, bad air quality, and engine stress.

To keep all of this from happening, change both air filters regularly. There are signs to tell you when it's time. The most obvious are degraded or dirty fibers and a Check Engine light and/or other warning lights on the dash. Others include abnormal engine noise, engine misfires and power loss, trouble accelerating, worsening gas mileage, and black smoke coming out of the tail pipe. On the interior, you may also notice whistling and/or other abnormal sounds coming from the vents in the cabin, plus unpleasant odors. Otherwise, replace air filters every 12,000 to 15,000 miles (no more than every 30,000 miles).

Consult your owner's manual for more details on what to do and when to do it. It has a filter maintenance schedule you can review. When you need to buy new air filters, choose the genuine article. Those made by your manufacturer are designed to fit the model you drive.

Maintain Your Vehicle with Genuine Honda Air Filters

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Filter, Air Cleaner
MSRP $19.25
Part Number: 8-97068-783-0
Other Names: Filter Air Cleaner More Names
Filter, Air Cleaner
MSRP $25.83
Part Number: 8-97064-558-0
Other Names: Filter Air Cleaner More Names
Filter, Air Cleaner
MSRP $20.78
Part Number: 8-97065-676-0
Other Names: Filter Air Cleaner More Names
Replaces: 8-94465-656-0
Filter Assembly, Air Conditioner
MSRP $32.25
Part Number: 80290-SDA-A01
Other Names: Filter A C More Names
Replaces: 80290-SDC-A01
Filter Kit, Air Cleaner
MSRP $140.31
Part Number: 063G0-5WM-305
Other Names: Filter Kit A Cleaner More Names
Filter Air Cleaner
MSRP $25.83
Part Number: 8-97035-303-0

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